Shannon Matter


                  Recording Artist and Performer


Heavy Metal Nature Girl


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This is not a metal album, it is a sassy title for a hard rock/grungy/punk album with nature loving, cosmic ascension lyrics

Up for Air


Album being re-recorded.

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A compilation album of songs recorded between 2003 and 2009.

Midnite’s Noon


Limited Edition DVD

All videos on this DVD are available on YouTube for free.



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This is a soft and sweet album with a bit of edge. Inspired by youth and spiritual purity.

Millennium Songs


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First recordings of Shannon’s original music circa 1999-2001

Based out of the

lower mainland of

British Columbia, Canada

Photo by Cameron Wood

Copyright 2021 The Narrative Lens

I need time to master my crafts.

150 years to be a student.

400 to live the life.

And maybe when I’ve reached 700,

you can call me wise.

-Shannon Matter

Ascension Music

for modern humans