Shannon Matter


                  Recording Artist and Performer


Heavy Metal Nature Girl


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This is not a metal album, it is a sassy title for a hard rock/grungy/punk album with nature loving, cosmic ascension lyrics

Up for Air


Album being re-recorded.

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A compilation album of songs recorded between 2003 and 2009.

Midnite’s Noon


Limited Edition DVD

All videos on this DVD are available on YouTube for free.



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This is a soft and sweet album with a bit of edge. Inspired by youth and spiritual purity.

Millennium Songs


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First recordings of Shannon’s original music circa 1999-2001

Photo by Cameron Wood

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Ascension Music

for modern humans

to the false powers on this planet:
you Can’t have my arm

My body is mine
I will decide

You create your shyte
All for money
You wanna sell your lies
And market them accordingly

Threats to our basic rights and freedoms
To keep your so-called ‘kingdom’
The New Age Consciousness vibrates higher 
than your fear tactics

I won’t roll up my sleeve
And take your vaccine
We don’t know what’s in it
And we don’t trust you
Biological warfare by the gluttonous wealthy

Health is a lifestyle
Daily choices to make
We are empowered
Life is ours to create

My body is mine
I will decide
And you can’t have my arm

-Shannon Matter

This poem was originally written back when the H1N1 vaccine was being promoted, and it was on my website back then, so its cool to put it out there twice.  
I’ve changed it slightly.
Relevant then, relevant now.

Lots of Love as Humanity Ascends and Rises Above